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Finally Made It (Interlude)

Mary J.Blige

歌曲名:Finally Made It (Interlude)
歌手:Mary J.Blige
所属专辑:《Love Life》


介绍:《Finally Made It (Interlude)》 是 Mary J.Blige 演唱的歌曲,时长01分39秒,由作词,作曲,已累积试听超过43次,如果您觉得好听的话,就把这首歌分享给您的朋友共同聆听,一起支持歌手Mary J.Blige吧!

歌词千寻 Finally Made It (Interlude) - Cheri DennisFinally made itOoohh, ooohUnderrated (underrated)But they couldn't contain us (couldn't contain us)Oh, ooh, yeah, yeahFor so long they doubted meFor so long abandoned meBut now I've made it thorough (finally made it)Oh oh, yeah, yeah, no, noAnd now you see it tooFinally made it (finally made it)Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahSurviving thorough the stormNow I came upThen I came up and put it downOn and on and onSwitched the game up (switch the game up)Ooh, yeah, ooh, oohFinally made it (finally made it)Oooh, ooh, yeahAnd now I made it throughFinally made it (finally made it)Finally made it, finally made it陈先生 QQ:1552195557
[ti:Finally Made It (Interlude)][ar:Cheri Dennis][al:In And Out Of Love][by:蜗牛快跑][00:00.00]歌词千寻 [00:00.64]Finally Made It (Interlude) - Cheri Dennis[00:02.59]Finally made it[00:03.63]Ooohh, oooh[00:06.72][00:10.93]Underrated (underrated)[00:17.02][00:17.64]But they couldn't contain us (couldn't contain us)[00:25.28][00:26.73]Oh, ooh, yeah, yeah[00:33.64]For so long they doubted me[00:41.76]For so long abandoned me[00:47.12]But now I've made it thorough (finally made it)[00:52.99]Oh oh, yeah, yeah, no, no[00:56.84]And now you see it too[00:59.56]Finally made it (finally made it)[01:02.31]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah[01:05.36]Surviving thorough the storm[01:07.85]Now I came up[01:08.94][01:10.74]Then I came up and put it down[01:13.73]On and on and on[01:15.62]Switched the game up (switch the game up)[01:18.05]Ooh, yeah, ooh, ooh[01:23.78]Finally made it (finally made it)[01:26.70]Oooh, ooh, yeah[01:28.39][01:29.51]And now I made it through[01:31.98]Finally made it (finally made it)[01:34.86]Finally made it, finally made it[01:50.52]陈先生 QQ:1552195557