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The One

Vanessa Carlton

歌曲名:The One
歌手:Vanessa Carlton
所属专辑:《Heroes & Thieves》


介绍:《The One》 是 Vanessa Carlton 演唱的歌曲,时长04分06秒,由作词,作曲,该歌曲收录在Vanessa Carlton2007年的专辑《Heroes & Thieves》之中,已累积试听超过16次,如果您觉得好听的话,就把这首歌分享给您的朋友共同聆听,一起支持歌手Vanessa Carlton吧!

Jennifer Lopez - The One
Takin' away the fact that I care about you, it's just your way
So sweet, everything seems right around you
Did you know that you had this common way about you
When you touch
And I wanna know if I could be your girl
The one put her arms around you
The one who lays her head beside you (Your girl)
The one who listens when you need it
When no one else is, I could see it (Your girl)
The one who knows when it's under control
The one who know your favorite song (Your girl)
The one you when you're feelin' lost
The one you place no one above
I'm happy to say in a lot of ways you've changed me
Makes me smile when you said you were glad
The day you found me
I'm wishin' away any hope I might ever find you
Heaven knows
I really feel I'll always be your girl
The one put her arms around you
The one who lays her head beside you (Your girl)

[00:27.61]and i come home
[00:29.42]i hope to see this boy i know
[00:32.42]i cant wait for us to be alone
[00:39.98]flipping through the radio
[00:42.49]we sing along to the indie show
[00:45.67]the songs they plague me more than i can say
[00:53.04]in the tape i made you
[00:56.55]hope you think of me when it plays through
[00:58.48]feel kind of sad now that its done
[01:06.11]and you think my times were free
[01:09.36]all the ways you say to me
[01:13.23]sweet versions of lets wait and see
[01:18.30]but you re always a golden boy
[01:22.36]and im the girl that you enjoy
[01:25.17]my parents say isnt he a gifted son
[01:31.86]time is always passing by
[01:35.11]and still i have to wonder why
[01:38.30]you cant come to tell me im the one
[01:45.36]summer goes and we have grown
[01:48.17]we have our friends live on our own
[01:51.61]still im not the girl you want me to be
[01:58.61]say gravity can bend the time
[02:01.79]funny i always liked your mind
[02:05.30]but this whole thing is crushing me
[02:10.98]but you re always a golden boy
[02:14.17]in this girls heart that you destroyed
[02:16.67]you smile at me then have your fun
[02:24.54]time is always passing by
[02:27.61]still i give you another try
[02:30.10]and hope that you will see that im the one
[02:35.42]say your scared
[02:36.41]get too close
[02:38.29]come lets see how it goes
[02:41.54]see you now at the show
[02:44.67]7th in the 7th row
[02:48.23]now when you look at me
[02:50.42]you see what ive known for so long
[02:54.80]sad that you can be so lovely and so wrong
[03:04.54]came to say that ive moved
[03:07.17]i see your face
[03:08.86]you dont approve
[03:10.48]i guess you could say that im already gone
[03:16.91]but your always be my golden boy
[03:20.85]im the summer girl
[03:22.66]that you enjoyed
[03:24.22]some melodies are best left undone
[03:28.65]i feel the time pass away
[03:31.35]but in my songs you ll always stay
[03:34.53]dont need for you to tell me im the one
[03:44.66]i dont need you to tell me i m the one.
[03:51.03]you ll never know that i was the one.